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Tomogram of maize aleurone
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Robert M. Bock Laboratories serves the campus and the larger communities (state, national, international) through the two unique research centers and two interdisciplinary graduate training programs.


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The Center for Quantitative Cell Imaging (CQCI) fosters excellence in interdisciplinary research which crosses departmental boundaries. It acts as a center for graduate training and is staffed by research groups specializing in biophotonics, cell biology, molecular and developmental biology and neurobiology.

The Institute for Molecular Virology (IMV) is a research institute with a mission to conduct research and training in the area of virology, primarily at the molecular level, and to serve as the coordinating focus on the UW-Madison campus for research and training in virology.

Graduate Training

The Cellular and Molecular Biology Graduate Program
The Graduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology, CMB, offers students research opportunities with more than 170 CMB faculty trainers in over 40 different departments, on a campus known for interdepartmental cooperation and collaboration.

Biophysics Graduate Program and NIH Training Grant in Molecular Biophysics
Modern biophysics combines state-of-the-art physical measurements with computational models to understand the detailed physical mechanisms underlying the behavior of complex biological systems.