Shop Services

Brad Konyn

Brad Konyn

Building Manager & Instrumentation Specialist


Bock Laboratories has a machine and electronics shop in B101. Brad Konyn is the manager. He coordinates the needed action for repairs of existing instruments, for construction of new research devices and for general building repairs. Certain equipment is under service contract; Brad will coordinate with the service provider when necessary.

Recent examples of custom shop project requests:

Bug houses
Custom stainless steel trays
Embryo baskets
Gel scoop
Metal imaging slides
Microscope and rotating specimen cabinet 

General rule: Ask the shop first.

Room B209 will no longer be used as a SWAP item drop off location for building equipment and IT items. Instead, we’ll come pick it up for you!  To submit a SWAP pick up request, go to the Bock Labs website, click on the Internal Resources menu located on the top right corner.  Then chose IT Helps Desk (for IT related equipment) or Shop Request Form (for lab equipment or office furniture).  Matt and I will coordinate with the labs to come assess the items and help remove them.  Thank you for helping us make the SWAP process smooth and simple at Bock Labs.

Our shop does not charge for labor. It does charge for the material used to meet your requests, such as parts for a broken instrument.

If you have a work request, please fill out an on-line Shop Request Form found on the R.M. Bock Laboratories home page Internal Resources tab located on the upper right corner of the web page.  Your request will be responded to via Spiceworks, the internal work order systems for Bock Laboratories.

Bock Labs Policy Reminders

  • Decontaminate and/or clean any equipment you want serviced by the Shop or Computing before asking us to work on it. This includes returning items through the Storeroom.
  • All Emergency and Safety issues need to be reported to the Shop. We have an Emergency contact telephone number listed out side all of your Lab doors, (262-8001). Brad is the primary contact for after hour emergencies. He will answer this number.
  • Brad is the contact for safety related issues and questions. Some examples are emergency evacuations, radiation, biohazards, and chemical spills or removal.
  • Many visitors and non-lab savvy people come though your building each day. They do not know what you are working with. Please do not leave your lab area or use the elevators with out first removing your gloves.
  • There is emergency -80 and -20 freezer space in room B202. This is not lab overflow space! You should not have material in these freezers unless your freezer is being repaired. Once your freezer is back please remove ALL of your materials from the back-up freezers.  When using any of the backup freezers please record what materials you have stored with the location on the material log sheet.
  • Shop/building manager, Brad Konyn, is responsible for machining, woodworking, plumbing, electromechanical, electronics, building metasys monitoring, electromechanical and general maintenance. If you have a question about the building, about equipment recommendations, about equipment repairs, etc. please check with Brad in the Shop (level B1).