Creating a Safe and Secure Campus

Everyone can play a role in safety, security and emergency preparedness at UW-Madison.

Learn your part by exploring information on crime prevention, campus resources and emergency procedures. Together, we can enhance the safety and security of everyone who visits, studies or works at the university.

Need help?

Emergency: call 911

UWPD Non-emergency

(608) 264-COPS

24-hour UHS Crisis Line

(608) 265-5600

Offices of the Dean of Students

(608) 263-5700

Employee Assistance Program

(608) 263-2987

Bock Labs Safety

Gary Hammersley is the Bock Labs contact for safety issues. Together with Chris Gradel, they have completed the campus radiation and biohazards courses.

Radiation dosimeters availability and distribution is managed by Chris Gradel.

General issues include:

Designating a lab manager or contact person in each lab for any building and/or safety issues.

Reminding personnel to remove gloves when leaving the lab premises, biohazard bag storage and decontamination of computers and other lab equipment before asking for repairs.