Meeting Rooms

View the reservations calendar to find an available room and then request a reservation. For multiple or recurring dates, add a note when requesting the reservation.

A Meeting Owl conferencing camera and audio system is available for use in Bock meeting rooms. To reserve a Meeting Owl for your meeting, add a note when requesting the reservation.

Penthouse, Room 903

Seating for 45

Equipped with projector and HDMI cable

Accessible by stairs from the 8th floor

Connecting to Projector

  • Connect HDMI cable to computer and HDMI jack on pillar
  • Quickly press green power button on remote

Use wall-mounted switch to lower and raise the screen

Room 801

Seating for 12

Equipped with display and HDMI cable

Accessible by elevator

Room B105

Seating for 35

Equipped with projection screen for portable projector

Accessible by elevator