Chris Gradel

Chris Gradel
Procurement Specialist
(608) 262-5778

Use ShopUW+ to place orders for your lab

Visit the Storeroom to pick up items for your lab

Chris Gradel operates the Storeroom in room B119 where building ordering and receiving takes place. Chris maintains blanket orders with a large number of common scientific suppliers.

Feel free to ask Chris about a Bock Labs value-enhanced-service, the Freezer Program, located on campus. Examples of products available locally (i.e., Babcock, Biotech, Microbial Sciences) include DNA, RNA, enzymes, clean-up kits and acrylamide from Invitrogen and others, featuring a 5% price discount.

Use ShopUW+ to order lab supplies, office supplies, and IT supplies from vendors like Fisher Scientific, IDT, Staples, Apple, and more. You can also order items that aren’t available in ShopUW+, and you can order from vendors that aren’t in ShopUW+.

View ShopUW+ Resources for more information and help, and visit ShopUW+ Essentials to self-enroll in online training.

Labs typically have designated purchasers—check with your group before ordering. Contact purchasing@bocklabs.wisc.edu if you’re interested in becoming a designated purchaser for your lab.

Ordering Items Not Available in ShopUW+

Use Non-Catalog Item for items that aren’t available in a catalog search, and use Unknown Supplier if the vendor isn’t found. Learn more: Purchase a Non-Catalog Item (PDF).

  • Click the shopping cart icon in the left sidebar.
  • Click Shopping > Non-Catalog Item.
  • Search and select the Supplier. If the vendor isn’t found select Unknown Supplier/No Active Supplier.
  • Enter the Description, Catalog No., if known, Quantity and Price.
  • Enter Commodity Code, and add attachments, if needed.

Purchasers in labs can apply for UW purchasing cards, or PCards. Cardholders are expected to follow purchasing card policies and procedures, and are responsible for reconciling and submitting transactions for approval.

Visit Purchasing Card to learn more, apply for a card, and complete mandatory training.

If you have questions about using cards, or if you don’t have a purchasing card and need to make a purchase using a card, contact purchasing@bocklabs.wisc.edu.

Reconciling Statements

Cardholders receive notifications when transactions are ready for review and reconciliation. Transactions are reconciled in the purchasing card module of the Shared Financial System (SFS). Learn more: Steps to Reconcile Transactions and Submit for Approval (PDF).

  • Sign in to SFS.
  • Navigate to Purchasing > Procurement Cards > Reconcile > Reconcile Statement.
  • Reconcile transactions and submit for approval.

Purchases may require funding information, including funding strings, account codes, commodity codes, and business purpose. Defaults can be configured in ShopUW+. Learn more: Update Profile and Default User Settings (PDF).

Funding Strings

Labs use individual funding strings. Contact purchasing@bocklabs.wisc.edu to find funding strings for your lab.

Account Codes

A list of account codes is available from Business Services: Filter, compare and search account codes. Common account codes include:

2893 – Event catering (meals)
2896 – Travel agency fees
3100 – Supplies, other
3101 – Office supplies
3105 – Supplies, laboratory
3150 – Software, purchases
3170 – Freight, e.g. FedEx, UPS, USPS
3194 – Computers & peripherals, non-capitalized (<$5,000)
3195 – Equipment, non-capitalized (<$5,000)
4602 – Equipment, capitalized (>$5,000 & 1yr service life)

Commodity Codes

A list of commodity codes is available in ShopUW+. Common commodity codes include:

05 – Building Equipment, Supplies, and Services
08 – Computers, Software, Supplies, and Services
15 – Laboratory Equipment, Supplies, and Services

Business Purpose

The business purpose describes why the item is needed and should include specific information about the project.

Purchases are generally exempt from tax. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue has issued the University of Wisconsin System a Certificate of Exempt Status (CES) and CES number. Provide this CES number to avoid payment of tax on purchases.

Certificate of Exempt Status (CES)

You can download the tax exempt certificate (CES) and a UW–Madison tax exempt status letter from Business Services. Learn more: Sales Tax Exempt Certificate.

Chris operates the Storeroom, which stocks hundreds of different items including research and administrative supplies. Visit the Storeroom in room B119.

Chris is also responsible for distributing radiation dosimeters on a quarterly basis. The report for the previous period is posted in room B119. Check your name on this report quarterly. If you do not have a dosimeter and need one, please see your Lab Manager or PI. Be aware that if you need to work with any radioactive materials, you must take a Radiation Safety course. After completing the course and submitting a dosimeter request form, Radiation Safety will mail your dosimeter to Chris who will then distribute it to you.